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harry g hotel

Sometimes the best discoveries don’t require meticulous planning, a long journey, or special shoes.  Sometimes you just have to see what’s in front of you.

harry-gruyaert- woman phone restaurant 07

Harry G gas up 47b16

harry_gruyaert_Road London_3x2_1600

This is some of what Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert has been seeing and recording for the rest of us over the last 40 years.

harry g russia children

Harry G two girls with visors_R

Henry G two wolvesg10

He is credited with helping to prove the point that European photographs could be in colour and still be taken seriously.  Not that there is anything wrong with black and white.

ITALY. Sardinia. Near the town of Cagliari. Poetto beach. 1998.

Harry G beach PAR15697

SOUTH KOREA. Seoul. 2007.

Mr Gruyaert claims that he doesn’t think much about all this, and he avoids talking about it if at all possible.

Harry G spain treeleaves shadows light

The British Journal of Photography did manage to get a few words out of him, which can be read here

All images © 2015 Harry Gruyaert / Magnum Photos


Music Stravinsky-Music-Maker-325x488

As we noted a while back: “Music, good music, SOUNDS good, of course.  But we’ve noticed that the best music also LOOKS good.”  This time, we’ve turned our eyes to music on the page, music made  with pen and ink (or whatever) for other musicians to read and play.        Above image from the cover of Stravinsky the Music-Maker seen here
A note from Johannes Brahms

MS Mus. 1 - an easy prelude by Purcell
Even if you can’t read music, you can tell this is music and you know it sounds pretty good.  Henry Purcell at the British Library

This too.  It is Robert Schumann  @ Yale

Music on the page goes as far back as words on the page.  In either case, it’s all about letting other people know what you hear in your head (and your heart), whether it is a thought about Spring or the sound of Springtime.

music vatical chant
Lots more here.
This old beauty found at Oxford Early Music Festival.

Coming back closer to our time, you can see the music loosen up, take chances, leap, fly.

This lovely thing lives at Yale.

Music Monk-Thelonious-Sphere-Autograph-musical-manuscript-signed-Thelonious-M-Monks-Mood-detailAutograph musical manuscript signed (Thelonious M), Monk’s Mood, 1 Page, New York, c.1956-7

Apart from the divine Mr Monk, 20th century music makers have shied away from showing us their direct hand-i-work.  Keyboards and computers come between the fingers and the page.  But with the digital tools available, new ways of showing our eyes the look of music have sprung up.

This video give us Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring as an animated score.  Of course Nijinsky basically did that a hundred years ago, with bodies and fabric and genius.

music convos-joffrey.jpg

So, we give the last word to the visual artist who deeply understood the look of music.Music: stop Look listen.

it’s always amazing to see what nature is up to when we aren’t there

white sands national monument john hunterup there in the wildest places, the farthest places from our small lives, that’s where you’ll see what can happen without us.  it is always original, never trivial, never trending.

ice greenland nyteven when these farthest places change because of the accumulated effects of our daily lives. the result is all nature’s own–spectacularly un-human,  beautifully bereft of our precious cliches.

We can’t help but drop our jaws and shed some tears of admiration before we go back to our day job.  But some have chosen to find work, put down roots and raise families right up against the raw originality (and harshness) of remote places. La Rinconada Peru REMOTE-6This is upper Peru. Life unplugged from everything except life.  It isn’t easy of course, but the miracle is that it exists at all.  Found here

Frozen-Ittoqqortoormiit-GreenlandAnd this village is on Greenland in the upper middle of nowhere looking bright, cheerful, remarkably at ease.  Part of a collection here

The only rival to the remoteness of the highest and coldest places on earth are the oceans where, we are told, you might sail for weeks without seeing any land at allocean-yonaguni-ring-shape-oxygen-ascending-risingThe only mark on this part of the Pacific is an air pocket…

landsat image of antarcticaThe remotest places have many lessons to teach us, if we will only listen and look, lessons about beauty, humility, responsibility…

hiroshi sugimoto-seascape-north-atlantic-cape-breton-1996Just look .

Image by hiroshi sugimoto (seascape-north-atlantic-cape-breton)

what new ION 18

Well among other things, this swell metal THING is apparently new.  We certainly don’t have one yet.  Do you?  It has the look of a high-end designer rocket launcher, but maybe it has a more playful purpose.  Anyway it’s new.  Found here (thanks Whafe)

At the end of any year, we are all thinking about the NEW 12-pack of months coming up and wondering what actually will be new about it.  After a fairly random stroll around the internet, we found a few things that seem pretty new to us.

whats new2013infinitijxintersysnov16-620x350

This new system above is supposed to help you from backing your car into another car. That’s a good new idea, don’t you think?  It replaces the yelling, shrieking, honking, fist-shaking system currently in use in most vehicles. The new one is called the Advanced Backup Collision Intervention System, and it’s built for the newest model of the Infinity JX. Seen at the House of Japan here.

whats ne magnetic-nails_sallyhansen1-e1344183234402

But you’re probably wondering: What’s new in nails?  Well, if you want, they can be magnetic!  So it says here.


what's new origmi teacreative-packaging-part3-20

You want new? origami tea bags!

what's new parmesan pencils creative-packaging-part3-5-2

Parmesan Pencils!!

whats new mt fuji creative-packaging-part3-8-1

Mount Fuji tissue dispensers!!!

The above 3 cool new packaging ideas are collected by Bored Panda here.  We saw them first in a scooped collection by ECAL library based in Lausanne, more of which here.

If you can’t find yourself something as new as these things right away, you can at least grab yourself a 2013 calendar.

what's new Calendars30-3Robot

A robot a month

whats new chalkboard calendar

This calendar wall decal is made of  black chalkboard vinyl that you can write on and erase. It is applied directly to the wall.

Both of the above courtesy of Brit + Co


It’s your year, go out and get it.  Don’t forget to try something new.  Be bold. It feels good.  You’ll never regret it.

whats new man dance

Well there’s no guarantee, but you’ll never know till you try, and nothing new happens without taking a chance.  Above from a story in the Guardian here (Photo: Alamy)

Tony Ray-Jones made photographs of people–and cows and horses–being themselves. We find it hard to take our eyes off them. And once you do, they’re impossible to forget.

Bravo Mr Jones (1941 – 1972).  And thank you.

See a show at the bbc here