what new ION 18

Well among other things, this swell metal THING is apparently new.  We certainly don’t have one yet.  Do you?  It has the look of a high-end designer rocket launcher, but maybe it has a more playful purpose.  Anyway it’s new.  Found here (thanks Whafe)

At the end of any year, we are all thinking about the NEW 12-pack of months coming up and wondering what actually will be new about it.  After a fairly random stroll around the internet, we found a few things that seem pretty new to us.

whats new2013infinitijxintersysnov16-620x350

This new system above is supposed to help you from backing your car into another car. That’s a good new idea, don’t you think?  It replaces the yelling, shrieking, honking, fist-shaking system currently in use in most vehicles. The new one is called the Advanced Backup Collision Intervention System, and it’s built for the newest model of the Infinity JX. Seen at the House of Japan here.

whats ne magnetic-nails_sallyhansen1-e1344183234402

But you’re probably wondering: What’s new in nails?  Well, if you want, they can be magnetic!  So it says here.


what's new origmi teacreative-packaging-part3-20

You want new? origami tea bags!

what's new parmesan pencils creative-packaging-part3-5-2

Parmesan Pencils!!

whats new mt fuji creative-packaging-part3-8-1

Mount Fuji tissue dispensers!!!

The above 3 cool new packaging ideas are collected by Bored Panda here.  We saw them first in a scooped collection by ECAL library based in Lausanne, more of which here.

If you can’t find yourself something as new as these things right away, you can at least grab yourself a 2013 calendar.

what's new Calendars30-3Robot

A robot a month

whats new chalkboard calendar

This calendar wall decal is made of  black chalkboard vinyl that you can write on and erase. It is applied directly to the wall.

Both of the above courtesy of Brit + Co


It’s your year, go out and get it.  Don’t forget to try something new.  Be bold. It feels good.  You’ll never regret it.

whats new man dance

Well there’s no guarantee, but you’ll never know till you try, and nothing new happens without taking a chance.  Above from a story in the Guardian here (Photo: Alamy)