Not many of us get to have our own pool, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about it, especially during the hot hot days of summer.  It’s part of the dream life (along with endless storage space and a fridge that is always somehow full of what we want most).  Some wonderful photographers have captured images of the dream.  Do they satisfy? or stoke the flame?

Above photo by Bill Anderson, 1957, from the Collection of the Palm Springs Art Museum included in the book and exhibit Backyard Oasis, more below.

Above pool is located in the Napa Valley of California.  Imagine starting your day with a dip in that. Photo Michael Moran, 1990, included in the now classic “Pools” by Kelly Klein, Rizzoli.  Brought to us by herself, Martha Stewart here.  

Another cool pool collected in Kelly K’s great book.  Monterrey, Mexico. photo by Mardo de Valdivia, 1985. Found  as above

Ms Klein has a new book set for release in October 2012.  Included will be the above pool attached to a house in Peru. Photo by the architect of the house and pool in Peru, Jean Pierre Crousse, as seen in Architectural Digest.

It is California, of course, that seems to have a pool in every back yard, at least in our dream life.  And dream life is real life for a lot of Californians.  A remarkable recent book called “Backyard Oasis–The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography 1945 – 1982” gives us a glimpse of the private/public life of pool-happy Californians, some famous, some just totally blissed out.

Above from the book: Silvertop – Hollywood Dawn, 1972 by Leland Y. Lee.  Just outside the frame, we guess, is a justifiably blissed out, maybe famous Hollywoodian ready to start their day.  “Action!”

For some the Backyard Oasis extended to the local watering hole.  Preserved in this 1960 photograph by Lawrence Schiller. Find this and others from the book in this LA Times feature here.

Another photo by Bill Anderson (Edris House, ca. 1954, Collection Palm Springs Art Museum © Palm Springs Art Museum).  Now be honest, if you started your day here, would you really pack up, get dressed, and go off to do…something else?  If so, why?

To see more pools from the Backyard Oasis (and lots of other eye-catching stuff), check out this stylish site   And for more of the Palm Springs pool experience in B + W see the city’s swell daily photo site. 

We probably should pick up our towel and go now.  Pool life is wonderful, but if you let it get a hold on you, you just might find it a bit difficult to clean up your room or finish that year-end report or finalize that fourteenth-floor conference room lighting design.  So our advice is to dip in from time to time to take in the vitality and the beauty of it, and then turn around and go back to what you were supposed to be doing.

OK, but that’s enough, OK?  Hey, hey you….