When we get dressed for the day, they are probably the last thing (well 2 things) we think about, even when we want to make a big impression. But socks, it turns out, can say quite a lot about us.

The lower-limb fashion-forward group above is way ahead in the sock-as-statement game–they even give the left foot something different to say than the right. These sockstars spotted here.

But don’t go thinking that sock fanciers are something faddishly new. Check out fashionable people in photos from the near past and paintings from farther back, and you’ll see plenty of foot candy on guys and gals of virtually any era. The silk slip-ons above date from 1750 and are in the collection of  the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

But most of us don’t live in museums do we. If you need that bit of extra confidence for the Monday morning meeting, how about a pair of genuine super hero socks under the flannel trousers. Found here

But don’t stop there–you can have happy feet all week long.  See here

Now, if you encounter extreme conditions in your work week, you may need some technology in your socks like these electric heated dandies, available here.

Look, someone has paid tribute to various countries of the world with socks–these represent the colours and patterns of soccer teams playing in the World Cup. Does your country have a national sock?

Socks and the City. Not sure if these long socks on these long fashion models represent the official sock of the respective cities, but until we’re told “no, they aren’t”, let’s just say they are. See here

In any city just about anywhere, you can find a sock-o-rama going on somewhere. Including here.

Irish Dancing socks so you can do your full Riverdance routine and not disturb the neighbours below. Get yours here

The latest news from Tokyo right there on your feet, spotted here.

But we all know that socks, like these all good things, do not last forever. Fortunately, some go on to enjoy a second life as sock monkeys. This one, from sock monkey dreams, is particularly happy and gainfully employed.

Remember, even in sockmonkeyland, the forces of darkness are lurking.  Beware blood-sucking sock monkeys.

But please don’t turn all your socks into monkeys.  Socks have a serious job to do serving and protecting your heels and toes as you go about your work and life. Wherever your tootsies take you.

Whether thundering down the field in front of a crowd of delirious thousands.

Sliding under the family car in your best skirt to fetch that sandwich you tucked away for emergencies as seen here.

Or heading out on the town with $27 cash and some bold ideas.  Step into here first.

Walk on.