So here we are in another NEW! year, and for a while at least, everything’s new again, just like we like it.

We humans seem to have a special attraction to things that are new, everything from new socks and shoes to brand new day.  The swell new day above was seen by Sara Gray (in Scotland we think) and her camera.  We saw it here.


People get quite excited when somebody does something NEW with something we already like, like movies for example.  The French figured out a way to make movies in a new way, which became a new wave, or a nouvelle vague, which is how they seemed to a lot of English speaking movie fans.  Above nifty posters for a recent NW film fest seen here.


And after we’ve seen a new movies, what could be better than to try out our new moves on the dance floor.  Imagine being able to follow a Merengue with a Hully Gully and then finish up with a Frog.  Party on.

People are still finding new ways to move around, in this case in a scene from a new 3D movie by director Wim Wenders about an innovative choreographer named Pina Bausch.   It’s got new written all over it, even though it apparently took 20 years to make.  Image found here.

But it isn’t just in the world of culture that people are working hard to find new things for us to experience, the dedicated folks who spend their days and nights thinking about how to bring a NEW experience to the world’s tourists are always launching new ideas.

In New Zealand for instance: “From Land to Water – Intercity Announces Plans to Launch a Revolutionary New Hydrobus”.  This was seen here, while still afloat.


Above is another new idea for scaring tourists: a travel concept floated by an American architect involving inflated globes that take you up where the clouds are.  Tiago Barros submitted his “Passing Cloud” project to a US competition on the future of high-speed railways.  Story is here.


Or, if you are the kind of tourist who prefers to drive you own car, the creators of NEW have not forgotten you.  Above is a new parking garage by the celebrated Swiss architecture team of Herzog & de Meuron.  It’s in Miami, photo by Iwan Baan, seen in Travel and Leisure.

You don’t have to travel to find newly hatched ideas, of course. Medical science is always working on something new you help you live better longer and more often than not, the new thing applies close to home.  If you were were, let’s say, a father of 2 who had no interest in becoming a father of 3 or 4 or….you’d maybe want to know about:

The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men, as reported recently in that fountain of new, Wired magazine here.  What’s new about this “method” is the use of, um,  glue, apparently.
Sticking with science, in case you missed it:

the earth gave birth to a new island in December 2011.  It’s in the Red Sea, says the New Scientist here.


But hey, the new year is already showing signs of age, so we’ll wrap this up and let you get on with it.  If you need a calendar, here is one that is both old and right up to date.

It features The Brownies who are nifty little characters created  by Canadian illustrator and author Palmer Cox, back at the end of the 19th century.  More here.  They’ve been around a long time, but may be new to you as they were new to us just a while back.

It seems the only truly new thing we can be sure of is tomorrow.

Emperor penguins watching the first sunrise of the year on the island of South Georgia.  Image from the BBC Frozen Planet series seen here.


Happy New!