So we had started a little tribute to each of these painters when it somehow made sense to show them together.  The connection is not easy to explain.  Ivon is all about colour—-beautiful fruit-paint, good enough to eat.  Pierre is in love with BLACK on white.  Vigorous, confident, and also physically beautiful.

Still, it seemed that they should meet, so we introduce them to each other here.  This is their conversation.

Ivon Hitchens: b. 3 March 1893 – d. 29 August 1979  England

Pierre Soulages: b. 24 December 1919

Ivon Hitchens  Divided Oak Tree No. 2 1958

Pierre Soulages  19 Juin 1963


Ivon Hitchens poppies and buds


Soulages   26 Juin 1999


IH–oh my

PS  17 November  2008


Ivon H, An early post-war work, Drive Gates 1946


M Soulages, incroyable, makes you shake and re-think what anything else means


Mr Hitchens, Red Centre


Nice, M Soulages, very nice.

There’s a book about Ivon

There’s a book about Pierre.


This is painting.  These are painters.  They would know what to say to each other.  We think.