For many of us, it’s time to head back to school. This image from Shorpy here.  There’s lots to learn, of course, and lots of fun to be had outside the classroom.

There’s The Gym Club.


The Science Club


The Home Economics Club from 1929, when home economics was more important than nuclear physics.


The Senior Nature Club, 3 nature-loving young men and 25 young natural women.


Here’s a Pep Club. I feel better already.


The  Guys Who Know How to Line Up Club


The Thespian Club, not to be upstaged by Pep or Nature or Home Economics.


The W Club Service Group is just for being Wonderful, we think.

So play safe out there, learn a lot, have fun.  At school, it seems there’s always something for everybody.

The Trigonometry in Tutu’s club.