Here at the R of L, we like painters of old and we like painters of new, so long as, in both cases, they are the real thing.  But don’t ask us to explain that.  Lately we went looking for painters painting now, not sure what or who we’d find.  Well, it turns out there are lots of painters painting now in cities all over the place.  Here’s a few.

Above three paintings Markus Saile.  Go see more here


Whatever is going on here, it is true.  Nice work by Sabine Tress who has more here. 


Above two images are of work by Maria Chevska.  She knows a thing or two.  See more.


This nifty piece of painting is by Diane Delgado, from the USA.  She has a website.  


Thomas Helbig

Thomas Helbig, again.  The Saatchi Gallery knows about him, see here.


Canada has its share of painters doing the real thing, always has.  This one is Andy Dixon in Vancouver.  He has more on his website.


Well, the above three kept us gawking for quite some time.  The painter’s name is Stefan Kubler.  He’s seen in lots of places, including here .


Above is by Elisabeth Neel.

Also Elisabeth Neel, whose grandmother (Alice) was quite a a painter herself.  Good examples from the granddaughter here.  Also here

In the last few weeks, Cy Twombly and Lucian Freud, each pegged by people who should know as The Greatest Living Painter, left their studio for the last time.  It remains to be seen if the term will ever be used again.  What we do know, from the evidence above, is that painters are still with us, and painters are still painting, and some of them produce work that makes your brain buzz and your heart get hot and thumpy just like the greats of old, and not quite like anything else.  Lucky us.

A couple of places you’ll find lots of living painters are Two Coats of Paint and A Thousand Living Painters.

Look long.