Gloves.  Fashion for the fingers.  Black lacey ones below seen here.

Seemingly an innocent subject, we thought—-garments for hand protection/adornment.  How crazy could that get?

Well, Ms Claire Watson for one set out to prove otherwise it seems.   Found at the always reliable neatorama here

And so did Mr Daniel Storto, a remarkable glove maker, glove fancier, and glove artist.

Mr Storto has a website here, but he seems mostly busy at gloving not hanging around his site.

The above two images of the STORTO shop, outside and in, are included with an interview of Daniel Storto at a digital spot called full frontal fashion here

Just to go back a bit, gloves have been around for a long time, and the most beautiful ones have always been custom made and pricey, like these found here

Though undoubtedly well made of fine materials (these are “kid” gloves), when unattached to the hands they were made for, these just look mopey and a bit creepy.

Which brings us to GLOVE ART.

The decidedly catty gloves above (with red snakeskin nails) were designed by Elsa Schiaparelli, seen here. She was an artist of fashion if there ever was one, and fashionable artists sought her out for collaborative projects.

Here is another whimsical conundrum glove sculpture by Claire Watson.

And this furry set is by artist Meret Oppenheim (you may be familiar with her equally furry teacup and saucer)  Both above from Martina Volfi’s blog here.

These two above just seem quite swell.  You could wear one on each hand couldn’t you.  They were made in France it says here. 

High fashion hand candy from Givenchy, for well off biker chicks maybe.

Nothing like a gal wearing a bit of armour is there?  This one seen here 

And here is the wonderful, one-of-a-kind, all Canadian genius Mr Glenn Gould, who was sensitive to temperature (and almost everything else) most of the time.  So no surprise he’s got his hands nicely enclosed in big soft thick wool gloves.  This could be July.

There are dress golves, and it seems there are glove dresses. Dresses have been made entirely of gloves, yes they have.  This by Sebastian Errazuriz posted on (!) here.

And this by Susie MacMurray made of latex gloves and called  “A Mixture of Frailties” shown at The Museum of Arts & Design in New York City.   Found here

Well we could go on and on couldn’t we….

But let’s give the last hand to this embroidered glove said to belong to a man named Hastings and made for him in Kashmir 230 years ago when he was Governor of India, it says here.

Think of the millions of gloves that have been lost–most of us have lost a half dozen (usually just one of a pair) by the time we are old enough to care about gloves.  Where do they all end up?  Do birds and squirrels use them to make nests?  Well, if you are lucky enough to become Governor of India, they’ll end up in a museum.  And if you’re not, they’re just gone–though they could end up in an art project:

This is Las Hermanas Iglesias, Lost Glove 2009, Collection of 62 single gloves found in Paris (October 2008-April 2009) and gouache on paper, Curator: Jose Ruiz.  The artist has matched the single lost glove with a mate made of paper and paint.  And all is well again. See it here.