A hat is not necessary for survival.  Unlike shoes or a sweater, we can get along in life without it. Which means a hat can be ART, a beautiful thing just for what it is, not for what it does.  The hat makers  are a breed apart in the world of fashion design.

Above piece of art by Jacques Fath found here

This is just very very appealing and totally useless as a protective head covering.  It’s from Borsalino, here.

A company called Fynehats makes lots of them, like the above.  Go here

A hat made of the parts of an exotic bird.  It may still become a bird.  Who knows?

A little company called lilliput makes nice little strange hats, visit here

One of the superstars among current hat artists is England’s Philip Treacy. He designed this butterfly head piece for a swanky showing of work designed by Alexander McQueen.  Wild, free, the planet’s best loved insect. The butterflies seen here, along with the one below, and many more.

Philip Treacy above.  Hands down.

Another little one from Lilliput, caled  ivana. Go here.

Heading…back to England, we find Stephen Jones

Amazing that two hat artists like Mr Jones and Mr Treacy should be alive in the same country at the same time. But it is not a competition.  You don’t have to choose sides, you can and should choose both. Mr Jones had a big show at the V and A, more here

Wear more hats, you’ll see what they do.  More than anything you wear.

See more hats at Miss Janeys, here

and in New York, of course, here.

And in Vancouver, at our own Edie Hats here

It’s your head–give it a party.