We hope things have started on the up side for you so far this new year. Here are some posters to celebrate the fresh start and to cheer up your eyes.

Above is a fine celebration of celebrating by Michael Engelmann (1928 – 1966). Found here .  You’ll find a lot more of his work in a recent book, one of the International Poster Collection series published in Zurich, cover below.

Above is from Aqua Velvet, here. And there’s more Michael Engelmann at the MOMA,here.

After drinking and smoking sometimes there’s blushing.  This great blush was made by French artist Catherine Zask from here

Cathrine Zask is featured with her own volume in the International Poster Collection series (image above from that), see aqua velvet again and her own swell website.

The new year is the ideal time to make lists.  Let’s see, number 1….

Well let’s try number 2….

Above both by the acclaimed Paula Scher of Pentagram.  See  here and here

And if you don’t have a 2011 calendar to keep track of it all, you might want to get one of these:

There’s 11 more months too, a project by Marin Santic seen on the Behance Network here.

The best thing about 2011 is that it hasn’t happened yet.  It’s still a seed underground.

How cool is that?