English architects do a lot of things well.  Lately, they’ve done a particularly swell job of designing bridges, and many of the best are just for people on 2 feet or 2 leg-powered wheels.  Above is London’s Millennium Footbridge, design by Arup, Foster and Partners and Sir Anthony Caro.  Nice image from here

This lovely thing was designed by Wilkinson & Eyre Architects and Gifford & Partners following a design competition held by Gateshead Council.  See here

Another view of the Gateshead “eyelid” bridge.  Every town with a body of water should have one.  Above image at nz20.

But nifty as these bridges are, I had to wonder what else British architects have been designing lately.

Above is a…design by Thomas Heatherwick. He founded Thomas Heatherwick Studio in 1994 and is interested in projects that combine architecture, art, design and engineering. He has also built a wonderful website, worth spending some time with

Above 2 Heatherwicks and and the one below via dezeen.

All Heatherwick photos are by Steve Speller.

This T. Heatherwick above is in Manhattan.  It’s a store.  For Longchamps (it looks great in person too, so I discovered).  See here

From Heatherwick to Chipperfield, David, above.

And Chipperfield again, this time in Valencia.  It’s the America’s Cup Building.  See this

More David C at dezeen, here.  For his remarkable museum folkwang, go here. Photos are by Christian Richters/VIEW.

And there’s more: above is Mr. DC’s Museum of Modern  Literature in Germany.  Oh wow

Time for one more of England’s finest: the much honoured Mr David Adjaye    Above is  Rivington Place, 2007. More here.

Have to finish with a bridge, though, so why not a bridge by the amazing Mr Heatherwick, in London.  It rolls up.

See the animation here.

Good to see England rising to the top again in design.  Inigo Jones, William Morris, Eileen Gray, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers….and now a new talented mob.  Good on ya.