Norman Rockwell has been turned into an industry.  But before that, he was just a man who loved to draw and paint, and the magazine industry gave him a job where he could do that

Above from here

Above three wonderful examples of American Illustration are all the work of Andrew Loomis.  Like Mr Rockwell, he was a man who could draw, and he lived at a time when there was a way to make a nice living doing that.  I first encountered Mr Loomis in the books he wrote and illustrated, which you could find in the library, if you were lucky (I was).  From here


If you like illustration, there is a lot to like at todays inspiration


Paul Hogarth is not an American Illustrator, he was born in England.  But he did a lot of illustration work in the US, particularly for Fortune Magazine.  This from here


Another illustration by Mr Hogarth.  He is a good example, we think, of the artists who bridged the world of Rockwell/Loomis  and the free spirits who came later.  Above found here.


Welcome to R.Crumb and his world.

Above is from Mr Crumb’s short history of america.  A lot of the artists (cartoonists, illustrators) who were well known in the 1960’s and ’70s have faded away.  But Robert Crumb is still going strong in 2010.  The difference?  Well, that is probably quite complicated, but one differnce is that Robert draws very very well.

He is arguably as much of an icon as Norman Rockwell, though few seem to like the work of both as much as we at the R of L.

Short film of short history of america is here

Bravo Mr C.  Almost single-handedly, you have kept alive the tradition of people who make a good living by drawing.

Yes kids, hang on to your pencils and crayons.  It CAN be done, even now.