This is the garden at the Noguchi Museum in Queens, New York.

And this is inside the museum building, both above pics from here

Mr. Noguchi was a sculptor, architect, poet, furniture and landscape designer, and a very busy artist during his 84 years on the planet.

Born in Los Angeles in 1904 to a Japanese poet mother and an American writer father, Noguchi spent his childhood in Japan before returning to the US at the age of 13.  He won scholarships that allowed him to travel to Paris in the 1920’s.  That was exactly the place to be if you were going to be an iconic artist of the 20th century.

Nice short backgrounder at designboom here

America has many impressive examples of Noguchi’s work, including this Red Cube on Broadway in lower Manhattan.

And he left his mark in Japan as well.  This above is called Energy Void

This pair is Gate, in Tokyo

But he also turned his lovely mind to small everyday objects, like this teaspoon seen here

Above 3 from the Vitra Design Museum collection of Noguchi work.

Book left is Noguchi in Paris by Marc Trieb, see here, published by UNESCO.  Noguchi designed gardens for the UNESCO Headquarters building in Paris.

Above is a section of Noguchi’s Garden of Peace at UNESCO HQ Paris, seen here

Always keen to combine ideas and blur the lines between sculpture, landscape, and interior objects, Noguchi designed an interior sculpture garden called Tengoku in Tokyo, seen here

Back outside, above and below is Moerenuma Park in Sapporo Japan.  See here and here for more

This wonderful smooth big black slide seen here

Noguchi did a lot of work in playground design.  Like many of the most creative artists of the 20th century, his work appeals to the young the old and just about everyone in between.  The above face is a sculpture he called Sculpture to be seen from Mars. See here.

Here we are back at the Noguchi Museum in Queens NY.  Sit a while.  Stay a while.

Noguchi has produced an enormous amount of work in many forms and fields.  Each piece seems to be both ultra modern and ancient, both female and male, both sophisticated and playful.  There is probably something he did that you will fall deeply in love with.  I have a feeling it happens every day to all kinds of people.