Pens are a simple source of great pleasure for anyone who likes to make marks on paper.

Above set of six seen here

Above Cross pen can be viewed long and up close here

That’s an Alibi pen up there.  Strictly for getting yourself out of hot water.  Go here

Of course there’s a Fountain Pen Network, see here

And of course there is a Pen right here

This one above has a see through tank, for ink voyeurs.  At His Nibs, here

Cobalt blue, Levenger True Writer, circa about 1995 at fountain of pens here.

This is a Pelican, 75th anniversary, coveted, here.

And another pelican, at the Pen Hero

If you love pens or even the idea of making a mark with metal and ink on paper, we hope you have a great pen shop in your town, like this one in Vancouver seen here

And Art Brown’s in New York, image from here.

Ink up.