Vancouver’s local summertime fair is on again for the 101st time. There will be lots of fun to be had during the 2 week run–food you only ever see at the fair, fun-scary rides that make you scream and then want to go again, simple games you never can win, beads and trinkets that look crummy as soon as you get them home, revolutionary mops. Photo from here

Above summerday shot of Vancouver’s PNE from here. Lots of things have remained pretty much the same since the start in 1910.

Above from 1940 when the amusement park portion of the PNE was known as Happyland. Image from here

But there have also been changes over the years, most notable for us at the R of L is the loss of all the weird sideshows that made you want to look and NOT look all at the same time.

Above snake and sword specialists from a remarkable website called sideshowworld.

An actual portrait of Jo Jo, a Human Sky Terrier. Above 2 banners from here

And a team photo-portrait of the Clyde Beatty Congress of Human Oddities, circa 1937 , found here.

This photo above shows that the tradition of making a living as a result of unusual physical characteristics continues today here and there. Photo from here.

So in your heart you know that Miss Electra the Danger Diva is probably just an ordinary woman who likes the spotlight and has frizzy hair. But still, you want to see for yourself, right? She’s a performer, she’ll do a show. It’ll be worth the $3. Right? Seen here

James here looks like he might have a bit more of a scientific approach to the electric phenomenon. Found at vintage venus here.

No matter where you find a fair, no matter when, there is always something you just never see anywhere else, whether it’s a giant man, a horse smaller than a dog, ALIVE!, or a juice maker for $700. Or..

Deep fried jellybeans at the Massachussetts State Fair, full gooey description here.

A crazy brave kid riding a sheep. Seen here

So get out to the fair and prepare to be amazed and appalled, maybe all at the same time.