Chuck Close is an original, and as far as we are concerned, he has created some of the most beautiful and memorable portraits of men, women, and children that have ever been made. What more could you ask of an artist? Above, a sweet babe named Emma. 113 colour Ukiyo-e style woodcut print seen here

Above is one of many stunning portraits he’s done of artist Kiki Smith, seen here.

Kiki again, photographed by Mr Close.  From here.

This is composer Philip Glass. It IS Philip Glass in a very real sense, as real, maybe, as the person who goes by that name and makes music. That person can never look more like Philip Glass than this. See here.

Mr Glass again by Mr Close.  This time executed with a soft round object and an inked stamp pad.  Go here

A portrait done with pieces of soft paper. An all new mosaic form. Named Georgia, 1984.  A little masterpiece, we think. see here

This above and below is April, in a photo and in paint.  Above from here.

This April above found here,

Above is Maggie, lookin’ right at you, kid.  Her honest, lovely face made of a thousand islands of colour. From here

Mr Close himself, by himself. Shown here for example.

And finally for now, another remarkable woman, this one known as Inka. From here.

Not many 20th and 21st century artists have taken on the human face, as if it was somehow not a suitable subject for paint in our time.  Chuck Close has shown over and over that it is as it always was: the source of endless inspiration for the painter and a subject that the rest of us never tire of.  We are wired to look at each other’s faces.  Look.