This is the front entrance to the Shaw House.  It is located along a much desired strip of waterfront property in Vancouver.  It was designed by Canadian architects Patricia and John Patkau and their incomparable team.  Image seen here.

When you’re in the Shaw pool, you can look down and see who’s at the door, and you can look north to see the ocean and mountains that people come thousands of miles to see. Image here

Above is one of the first of the Patkau’s fabulous houses, the Barnes House.  It sits on acres of rugged land near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, looking back toward Vancouver.  It has won many awards. Image from their website here

Above are three photos of an amazing library in Montreal known as La Grande Bibliothèque du Quebec. It is essentially the national library of the Province of Quebec, serving both as a public library and a repository for important archival material.  Images here and here.

Model building is an important part of the design process for the Patkaus, and the models themselves become beautiful objects, not simply miniature versions of the building.  Above models for Church of the Assumption Coquitlam from here.

Above is the model for Seabird Island School, an important project in Canadian architecture and the architecture of Canada’s first people.  Image from here.

The Patkau major renovation and addition to Winnipeg Manitoba’s Centennial Library.  Just really really nice.  From their website again.

We’re not sure what you need to say about the work of John and Patricia Patkau and the superb, incredibly hard working architects and support people who, project after project, produce stunningly good work, from the big idea to the tiniest detail. It pretty much speaks for itself.

Maybe you just say Thanks and More Please.