Posters are a way of finding things out about a country that nothing else will tell you.  These are from India, seen here.

Above and below are posters made for schools in India and designed to show boys and girls what they need to know.  The lessons in how to be an ideal boy seen here.

More posters for Indian school children, those above about what a child of India is and what a family is.  From the publisher’s site here

Indians like movies a lot of course, and lots of the posters produced there are movie posters. Above Indian street scene seen here.

Tarzan was attracted to the Bollywood scene himself for a while.  He saw no reason to alter his costume, apparently. Found here.

Two nifty Indian movie posters above were part of an exhibit in Australia.  Info here

But modern India is establishing its own style on the world stage.  These above from a chain of stores called Bombay Store and the elements of the poster are mostly things they sell in the store.  Nice.  Found here.

India is changing fast and its posters will help us see where it’s going.