When the weather is warm and dry, lots of us get it into our heads to find a spot in the wilderness, set up camp, build a fire, and get closer to the natural world. Just for a few days. As did the folks above spotted here.

Here’s a family group on a spot in the wilderness that happened to have a mowed lawn. They seem happy enough, even in black and white, seen here.

This man, in his TRAILER for TWO is well off the beaten track and looks ready for anything. In particular he is ready for someone to join him to make it a trailer for two. Found here.

Now here we have an open trailer in the urban wilderness , nicely decorated and outfitted to tempt even the most reluctant camper. Found at design vagabond, from this source

But to some, trailers do NOT represent true camping. Authentic campers, like this above, choose canvas for their home away from home. These two are camping near Ayers Rock in the middle of nowhere, central Australia. Discovered here.

Well this nice campsite for tenters above is in the middle of somewhere, not exactly sure where, in the wilder part of England. Found here

Now that, above, looks to us like the real, wilderness (well, with well groomed tentsites) camping. At a place called Juniper Ridge, more here.

And if you can find a spot next to the ocean, you’ll find you sleep better–so long as your tent is above high tide. This above is Hawaii, the Kalalau Trail, found here.

This dry wilderness is not all that far from Las Vegas Nevada, in a place called Big Springs, in Paria Canyon, Southern Nevada. Seen here.

Above is camping in Spain. SPAIN!!! Wow, seen here.

This is…somewhere nice enough to inspire you to rearrange your life, for the better, in the glow of the tent in the middle of that landscape. Happy. Camping.

Seen here