If you like glass, you probably like what they do with it in Venice. In fact, what they do in Venice with just about everything seems out of this world. But let’s stick to glass for today. Nifty pair of glass elephants made in Murano seen at Venice Fan, here.

This noble striding glass horse, green and just about life sized, at the Vecchia Murano Glass Blowing showroom in Venice. Wow. Found here.

This is a bit more like what you might have around the house. It’s Venetian, and it’s from Murano. The islands of Murano are only a few miles from the main islands of Venice. But being separate has helped give rise the unique qualities and reputation of Murano glass over centuries. Above seen here.

Christmas tree in Murano.  They probably are going to decorate it with wooden balls.

Venice is on the sea of course, in fact Venice is IN the sea. These are what Venetian glass fishermen would catch. Caught here.

Glass tile has been a great favourite for walls all over the world and even for the exterior of entire buildings. You can also make mosaic images and designs with it. These made at the Orsoni Factory in Venice, here.

Big blue excited glass thing in downtown Murano, here

Above was made at one of the many glass furnaces of Murano known as Berengo Studio. It provides facilities for over 140 international artists to create in glass. The above piece is by Christoph Kiefhaber.

This piece made at Berengo is by Elvira Bach.

And these Berengo born Armadillos are the work of Dusciana Bravura. More from these and other Berengo artists here.

This above is the amazing work of Lino Tagliapietra, from Murano, who was born 1934 and has been an independent artist since the mid-1990s. Many in the glass world speak his name with reverence and affection.  Learn more here

Just one of Lino’s amazing bubbles of glass.  He has a website here

Back to the glass menagerie, here is a nice rabbit by a well known Murano glass maker working in the 1950s and 60s, Archimede Seguso.  Seen here

Terrific Dachshund by Cenedese seen at MuranoZoo

And last into the spotlight, a lovely white Murano pig with a ruby red nose and eyes.  By Fratelli Toso, seen here

If you think you need a piece of glass to make your life complete, you could of course choose something other than Venice glass.  But why?