This is a painting by Peter Doig, which he calls Reflection – What does your soul look like, completed in 1996. It is typical of his work in being both admirable and unsettling. Sold at Christies 2009, see here

A lot has been said and written about him, often using the words “haunting” and “psychedelic”. But great paintings, we think, pretty much speak for themselves. Above is Night Playground 1997 1998. Seen here

This he called Bomb Island 1991. Part of a big Tate Modern show of Peter Doig’s work in 2008, more here:

Peter Doig was born in Scotland (1959) and grew up in Canada, returning to Britain in 1979. Since 2002, he has made Trinidad his home. He paints from photographs and from something all his own. Above is Olin MK IV, 1995-96.

Kricket, 1998

From his home on a hill near Port of Spain, he operates the Studio Film Club. This is one of the posters he did for it. Three above from his Berlin gallery, here

Above he called Blotter 1993. More about it here.

His memories of Canada seem to have provided more than enough snow for his paintings over the years.

Iron Hill, 1991. Featured here for example.

Along with frequent snowfalls, Mr Doig’s life on canvas regularly features a lone canoe . The combination of both in his painting White Canoe brought £6.1m. a couple of years back, which was the world record price paid at auction for a work by a living European painter. Image from here.

Berry Oakley and a Canoe, without snow, seen here.

Whatever else Peter Doig’s pictures do, they get under your skin and into your brain by routes that few others, if any, have attempted. They might make you think, but they are most likely to make you feel, and what you feel might be hard to explain, even if it is deep and lingering and seems important. Sounds like longing, and apprehension, and love, and life.

Video discussion of the Tate show here

And an interview with Peter Doig in the Independent newspaper in 2008 here.