Marcio Kogan has designed some beautiful houses. Some house hunters think they are among the most beautiful houses you’ll ever see. We pretty much agree.

He is Brazilian, and he says he is as much influenced by great film makers–Fellini, Bergman, Jacques Tati–as by great architects.

Whoever or whatever inspires him, we hope it keeps coming. Above is known as Casa Mirindaba Sao Paulo, seen at the contemporist. Photography by Brazilian architectural photographer Nelson Kon

Mr Kogan’s houses are identifiable by their long clean lines, the satisfying play of light inside and out, and the feeling that forms in your heart while you look at them, a feeling that is roughly 7 parts admiration, 90 parts lust, and 3 parts regret that you didn’t manage to arrange your life in a such a way as to own a house like this. (Proportions may vary according to your age, current location, and upbringing.)

The three above photos are of Panama House, also in Sao Paulo, seen at the daily icon.

This one above was named C16 H14O3. Perhaps this is the formula for houselust. Seen everywhere, including here

Recent award winning BEACH house known as Paraty on a coastal island between Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro.

Paraty is nice inside too.

And the house comes with a kitchen. More of Paraty here, for eg, and at the coolhunter, here

When Mr Kogan gets out of the house, he continues to do remarkable things. This is a furniture store in Sao Paulo he designed. It’s the VITRA furniture store.

I think that’s rebar on the left wall. carumba. Seen here.

Wallpaper magazine likes Mr Kogan a lot, as you’ll see here, and here

There is an interview with Marcio Kogan here

C16 H14O3 again, saying everything that needs to be said, we think.