People at outdoor music festivals are usually a pretty happy bunch. But no one seems to get as happy and yes mellow as people at FOLK music festivals. Look at the two above seen here and the hoola hooper below seen here, all at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in Australia.

Folk festivals seem to occur just about everywhere that folk can be found. In North America, there are hundreds every year and each one seems to develop a personality of its own over time, though always remaining within the framework of being a laid back/come as you are/easy does it/beads and musk/natural food and fabric/rainbow colour/smile the whole time/love fest.

These people above are at the bliss fest kc in Kansas City.  If that weren’t the actual name of the festival, people would probably call it that anyway.

This is the folk fest in Canmore Alberta. Stilt bliss. Get high on 2 by 4’s. Photo from here

England has lots of folk festivals too. This is a shot of a recent gathering of the Cambridge Folk Festival, seen at the bbc.

Still at the Cambridge Festival, this is one of the performers last year, Eliza Carthy. At folk festivals, it seems, the people on stage get blissed as much as anyone in the audience. Seen again at the BBC.

Still in England, these folks above are at the Bromyard Folk Festival in Shropshire. No, they don’t actually look blissed, but they are, they are. Especially the guy on the right inside the brown dinosaur suit. See here

This lady above is attending the Fairy Folk Festival in Sonoma California. She’s as mellow as a kitty cat who’s just finished eating an entire sockeye salmon. More here

Getting extremely happy, inside and out, at folk festivals did not start with the 1960’s as you may have thought. This banjo player is performing at the Folkways Festival in Arkansas in 1941.  Found here.

There is a site called we love festivals with a day by day calendar of festivals, mostly folk, if you want to check it out .  Site here

Lets head back to Australia, this time to the amazing Woodford Folk fest, image here

Another day at the Woodford, which is held in late December, early January to see in the new year in high summer in Australia.  High summer got muddy this time, image here.

Woodford again above , here’s their website

Wherever you see the words folk and festival , in any country, you will find people having the time of their lives.  It may only last a few days, but it shows us what we could be.   Maybe we need folk musicians on every street corner in every town and city all year long, to get us to stop awhile and bliss out. Image above from  here.