It’s our coffee break here at the R of L, something we always look forward to. Our only problem is what mug to use today. Nifty Ctrl+Alt+Del set above seen here. Try all 3, shut down your troubles, and you’ll feel like new.

This mug comes with a cookie nook built in. Or you could put little pancakes in there. Or a poached egg.

This clear glass mug tells pessimists exactly when to start sighing. Above two from weburbanist.

Above is a glass tea cup with a built-in stirring device: add tea bag and hot water, wait, then swirl to allow the ceramic ball to roll around the bulbous bottom and stir the tea. From dvice.

Nice beaker provides little known volumetric info to impress your coffee mates.

Pink version of the cookie jar mug. You could also put a crumpet in there. Or Ritz crackers and slices of salami. Above 2 from the ever watchful boingboing.

No tricks here, just a couple of mugs that would probably make your coffee taste better and make you look a bit more interesting and attractive while holding them. Go here.

We are not opposed to cute here at the Republic, so long as it is this cute. From here.

These above are reproductions of flags, really nice flags, of Zambia and Yemen top to bottom. From ATOMIC MALL>

For those really special coffee breaks, this above from German porcelain maker KGM. The cup and saucer set has a base of fine porcelain that’s accented with 24 karat gold, blue cobalt, and diamonds. Valued at €30,000 Seen at the Luxist

If one country owns the idea of the coffee break, done well, with the right equipment and attitude, it is Italy

Above by the wonderful Piero Fornasetti can be found here.

Above 4 images are of the magnificent cups produced by the illy coffee company of Italy and seen on the illycups site here. But again, WHICH ONE to choose? They are all designed by well known designers and artists and other visually creative people.

Might just have to spring for the whole shooting match, and why not arrange them on a spiral ramp device and hang them from the ceiling….This is the Illy Cup Collection Chandelier that features approximately 330 cups designed by Julian Schnabel, James Rosenquist, Robert Rauschenberg, David Byrne, Francis Ford Coppola and others. Valued at $60,000. Again from Luxist

Maybe one day, but in the meantime, we’ll go with an old favourite:

Found here.

And for the afternoon break, the more statuesque rendition of cartoonland’s greatest rabbit.

Above found here.

Enjoy your break. Make the most of it. Get yourself a mug that tells people who you are.