Opera produces wonderful opportunities for the poster artist–there is drama, there is colour, there is EMOTION, and there is usually bloodshed. Above was done for Madama Butterfly in Vancouver May/June 2010, poster design by Cuban-born New Jersey-based Edel Rodriguez, image here

The 4 above are all for the Dutch National Opera, nice work you guys, here

We’ve mentioned the Poles and their gift for posters before. Above is by Polish designer Henryk Tomaszewski for the Manekiny Opera, 1985. Found here

This one goes back to the infancy of both opera and posters. It was for an Italian comic opera company, poster by Leopoldo Metlicovitz seen at the antique shop.

Rosabel Morrison was probably quite the hot item in her day (1896), with her tambourine and her tiny feet . Here

This was for Richard Strauss week at the Munich Opera 1910. Poster by Ludwig Hohlwein

Returning closer to our own time, David Hockney has done wonderful posters for opera, including the above for the Met in NY, from 1981 seen here

And this for the San Francisco Opera in 1982, seen here.

Here is Butterfly again. See her if you can. This poster for the Connecticut Grand Opera & Orchestra – Madama Butterfly. Seen here

We like this a lot, as fans of Opera, of Photography, and of Paris, yes we like this. Seen here.

Look for the posters for opera for the coming season near you. And if you have a chance, go. It is bigger than life in the best possible way.