Badminton is a perfect summer game. It’s inexpensive, most people can play it, you can play in your back yard, in a park, at the beach, in a gym….No one gets hurt. And it’s been around for quite a while. Above image from here

Above is an early badminton match, netless, but plenty of fancy garb and look-at-me attitude. Seen here. Picture by one Nicolas Arnoult, around 1685

She’s playing for keeps, though her grip is a bit unsporty. But Look at those shoes. More here.

This match is just for Ladies, without a net. Seen here.

This is based on an actual incident–and finally, a net.  You can go to and find these cats on postcards, coffee mugs, and yes mousepads, here.

The introduction of the plastic bird. Oh no. What next?  Decaf coffee? see here.

Here’s the book. Available here

If you need to stay indoors (maybe you’re in prison for massive fraud, say), here is the miniature indoor version. see it here

Badminton is big in England. The Queen put it on one of her many postage stamps. Here.

It is also big in other countries. The competitors can be very fit,and they might take what they do as seriously as any serious athlete. This above is a shot from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This is the winning team that day. Seen here.

Badminton is also big in, of all places, Kansas. This is a sculpture at the Nelson-Atkins museum in Kansas City, Missouri by artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. Go here for more

This gentle, simple game is beginning to attract the alternative crowd. Get the T shirt at donkey T’

And the highly athletic, airborne crowd, as seen here

But for me, it’s mainly the simple game you can set up in no time and play in twos or fours or threes or nines, for hours and hours. IT’S FUN. Everytime, everywhere. Backyard badminton from here.

Your serve.