With summer in high gear, no better time to think about that high altitude winter break in the pure white snow among the mountains of the country of your choice. Poster for New Haven USA seen here.

Canada has more than its share of fun in the snow to offer from one end of the country to the other and in at least two languages.

So do Austria and France, since both can claim part of the Alps. And excellent pastries.

Don’t forget the Swiss Alps, of course, where hot chocolate was invented, which in turn gave rise to winter sports.

And to get to your favourite ski spot, you gotta like the Eisenbahn: from the town right to the mountaintop. Four above from here

Ski posters, mostly from times past, have become a commodity. A place called Clarke Galleries sells nice ones, like the above seen here.

The London auction house Christies has an annual sale of ski posters, like this above, and the Canadian entry below.

Three pals in Osterreich

The poster of the above gal in St Moritz was designed Alois Carigiet in 1932 and was estimated to fetch £3,000 – 5,000 at Christies in London

Above, another Christies offering, designed by Johannes Handschin, Villars, c.1934

And this Christies lot was designed by Francisco Tamagno around 1900 when, it seems, skiing was not so much a sport as a form of dance and courtship. Estimate at auction: £14,000 – 16,000. Above six from Christies here.

So as you are lying on the grass in the heat of a summer’s day, let your mind drift to the best that winter has to offer, a perfect mountain, a perfect snowfall, and you sailing perfectly into the pure winter air. There is nothing better than the perfection of days still to come. Above beautiful poster, by Jean-Raoul Naurac, from Clarke Galleries here