Stephen Shore has taken many a road trip, including a major one in 1972 when he drove from New York to Texas and took some photos along the way. Above is Hwy 1-8, Yuma seen here

Here is ‘Sunset drive-in, Amarillo, Texas, 1974,’ seen here

What set him apart from other aspiring photographers was his idea that just about everything was worth photographing, not just the stuff that seemed photogenic. He was right.

Above U.S. 10, Post Falls, Idaho (1974) from here

Fairly light traffic here past the First Federal Bank. Seen here.

Probably a bit more action around this establishment. Seen at this site.

Above small town is found in a compilation of Mr Shore’s photographs called Uncommon Places, found here

This is Easton, Pennsylvania looking both common and uncommon. From the Masters of Photography site, here.

And above is El Paso, offering liquor, movies, and drugs. Also at M of P here

Getting out of town, Stephen Shore took this shot in Yosemite National Park , seen here

Stephen Shore is still photographing, and his gallery has a nice selection of his work both on the road and off. His agent also has a good compilation, alongside the work of other photographers.

Stephen Shore produces extraordinary images of places that most of us would just pass by, without a second thought much less a snapshot. It is a remarkable–and for me, unexplainable–achievement. I’d go on the road with him anywhere. Above empty road crossing found here.