It’s festival time again–jazz festivals, folk festivals, film festivals, blueberry and flower festivals.  Poster designers love festivals.  Here are some of the best we found, starting with the one above for the Bristol (England) Design Festival by designer, Marc Bessant from Bristol.  Seen here

Above is by Tomi Ungerer for the Montreux Jazz fest, lakeside in Switzerland. Here.

The Cannes film festival always generates a celebrity crowd and a good poster.

So did Chicago in 1974.  The legendary Saul Bass did this.

Nice job above on the North Sea Jazz Festival By pascal brander, seen here

The Sasquatch Music Festival produces fine posters, this by Invisible Creature seen at the wonderful grain edit here.

A musical , low-carb fest.  In China.  No kidding.

And way back when, there was a music and peace fest in White Lake New York.

Don’t forget it’s not just about music and movies at festival time: there is Sea Glass to see in Erie Pennsylvania.

And Shrieking, in LA, above.

Cartoons in Ottawa

Clowns in Milan, seen here

Whether you are looking for a few laughs, a scream, some live music, or some films you won’t get to see at your local cineplex, there’s probably a festival near you somewhere this summer.  Keep an eye out for the posters.  Above from here