It’s hot out there right now for most of us, and HOT in here too. So here’s some tips for cooling off since you might be too hot to think of something yourself. Number 1, above, is a WATER PINATA, complete instructions for assembly here at Ziggity Zoom.

If you have access to fast flowing COLD water and a floatible device, follow the lad’s example and head downstream, fast. Image from Lost Pines Camp

If you have access to a cliff and cool green deep water below, jump in.

If not, you could go dog sledding. Above two images from here in Fernie BC.

Or swim with a polar bear. This is a “an exclusive member offer” says a Canadian organization called Science North here. Would that be a one-time offer? (small print says “Glass separates two pools”)

Our heads are the closest thing to the heat source, so it make sense to put a hat on it, and there are lots of fashionable summer hats around for women. This fashionable Canadian seen here.

Men can be fashionably hatted too, in a manly way. This one above has an “8-inch brim” and is known as El Humungo, made and sold here.

Wherever you go whatever you do, please stay well hydrated. Image here

Inside and outside. Great photo above by Stewart Martin, called “Fire Hydrant Kids-Brooklyn New York,” seen here.

If you have a cat, your cat is even hotter than you are. So maybe take your cat for a swim

Above is apparently a “tame” young white tiger, going for a swim. Seen at darkroastedblend

Some people just take their whole house to the beach. This gem also from the blend.

But if you are determined to leave your house where it is, you might want to do what these three did in July: go to the Chilean Andes, though if I were you I wouldn’t stick my tongue out like the guy on the right. Image from here.

Some great spontaneous cooling off happening here, image at this music site

However you seek coolness in these hot days of summer, remember to go a little slower, breath a little deeper, pause a little longer, and if you are Canadian, think of February. One thing about sunlight, you don’t have to shovel it.