Artist Howard Hodgkin puts more human energy and spirit and joy into every inch of his work than anyone I know who is making art today.  He is English, which may come as a surprise.

Above is called the Sky’s the Limit

And the one up there is  called Gossip. All of the above found at ARTNET, the amazing resource for art-loving bloggers (and buyers).  Go here for more.

Mr Hodgkin has been Knighted, and lately people are paying attention to what he does. Above from the TATE in London.

Here is the artist himself.  Maybe this shouldn’t matter, but he looks like a fine man, a good person, in addition to being a singular artist of the joy of being alive.   Image from here.

A book of his work has recently been published.

Thanks Mr Hodgkin.  What you’ve done has added something richly and joyously beautiful to the world in the way that very few can claim.