Polish movie poster, for Crocodile Dundee, from here. In a previous post about movie posters, we at the R of L remarked on the the amazingness of Polish graphic designers, especially in the creation of posters. And not just for movies, look what they did with the circus (CYRK).

These 4 contemporary CYRK posters above were first created in 1962, when the Polish state circus agency commissioned leading artists to develop a modern approach to the circus poster. Collected and presented by Rodrigo Butori, a Brazilian advertising Art Director/Associate Creative Director, living and working in Los Angeles, CA. His website in praise of (mostly) Polish posters is here.

Two more posters from Poles–for opera (“Aida”) and theatre (“a month in the country”)–also shown by Rodrigo Butori.

Above wonderful Polish poster for…something, spotted here.

And another, for a 50th anniversary, seen here

Returning to movies, above is a lovely depiction of 3 classic Charlie Chaplin films. It is the work of Jerzy Skakun and Joanna Górska seen here (in the company of hundreds more)

Let’s close this visit to Poland, for now, with a poster for the amazing film “Playtime” by the one and only Jacques Tati as interpreted by the playful Pole Jerzy Flisak. Seen here