When’s the last time you had yourself a good old fashioned picnic. Above from here

The thing about a picnic is that it can be for 200 or just 2, as here on a bench in Central Park, NY.

Or you could just go by yourself. From Time Out New York.

This couple is picnicking in, or just beyond, San Francisco.

Still in SF, above shot is a happy crowd in Delores Park, and some are having a picnic.

In times gone by, a picnic was a big event in the life of a family, etched in your memory. Above is a picnic story from Life magazine seen here.

Fancy people like to dress up when they picnic. These are people from Vogue, seen here.

If you go to Paris, you picnic. By the River. Above pic from here.

Still in Paris (why leave?). picnicking with crafty rachel.

But Paris is also black and white, and sometimes a picnic is just a bench and two hungry people. From here.

These people are picnicking in the UAE. Just like it was Pismo Beach. Seen here.

And these didn’t get to where they wanted to go–because of the Icelandic Volcano–so they had a picnic just where they were, at the airport. See here.

Wherever you go, make sure you take your picnic condiment set, OK?

Get that blanket, get that summer novel, make that potato salad, and get on down to your favourite park or beach. A picnic is a wonderful thing, for 25 people, or 2 or 1.