Canada has 3 syllables, 3 “a”s, 3 Oceans, 3 languages (2 official), 3 major political parties, and 3 natural wonders of the world (Niagara falls, the Canadian Rockies, and the place where you met the one you love). We seem to be a country of 3’s, which means we are not polarized, not Black and White, not Have and Have-Not.

And we have had at least 3 great painters show us and the world our great land: Tom Thompson, David Milne, Otto Rogers (still alive)

At least 3 great (i.e. affected the world beyond Canada, words and ideas live beyond them) men.

Mavis Gallant, Agnes Martin JONI Mitchell, and below, Sheila Fraser godblesser

And countless great women, way more than 3, way more than 30000, way more.

So Happy Canada Day, everyone. Have some fun, eh?