These shots are of a grand beach house at Punta Misterio in Peru, designed by Longhi-Architects, seen here

Another Peruvian beauty and the beach. This smallish beach house in Las Arenas, 100 km south of Lima,designed by Javier Artadi Arquitecto

Above 2 are photos of a beach house in New Zealand, near Tatapouri Point.  Designed by Pete  Bossley , seen here

A nifty beach house at good old Malibu Beach, Cal. Designed by Craig Ellwood, 1955. Here

Nice house, and beach it’s beside is Miami.  See here.

Two above are photos of the Kerr Residence, Melbourne Beach, FL, 1950-1951 by the remarkable Paul Rudolph (with Ralph Twitchell).  See here and here

OK summer is long gone in this photo and maybe the beach is a pretty long walk, but that’s a sweet little cabin suitable for a spot near any stretch of sand. Or snow. Or grass. Design by Oska Architects, this is in Mazama Washington USA.

Good black nordic beachside stuff, by the firm: Fantastic Norway. They got that right. The two above from here

A unique site on the Danish Coast of 10m wide by a 100m long, inspired the architects  to make an unusually long house, above.  Architects are here.

Sommarnojen of Sweden hired trio of well-respected Swedish architects—Sandell Sandberg Architect, Kjellander + Sjober Architect Office, and Tham & Videgard Hansson Architects—to design 15-meter square cabins that can be used as guesthouses, saunas, offices, or studios. Website here

Sommarnojen shows a gallery of their cabins here. (it’s nice)

I wonder if they ship?

In the Spring of 2009, some people in want of a beach house bought one in New Jersey and moved it to a beach they liked better, in Long Island. Designed by the famous architect couple Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown,seen at this site

Don’t know who designed this, but hey, it is RIGHT ON THE BEACH, at Capistrano CA. Lots more beach houses here. I’m off now, with my pail and my big towel