Glassware is something everyone uses, mostly without much thought. Luckily, some designers do our thinking for us. The above lovely glass from Vancouver’s own, Molo Design.

Above wine glass also from Molo, the series is called float, and it has won plenty of awards as well as happy customers. Images seen at inhabitat, here.

These eye-catching beauties spotted by boing boing, godblessem. They are the work of Dutch designer AMT who say “all glasses have the same outer shape, but pour in a drink and the glass’s inner identity appears.” seen here.

These above are for your most sophisticated friends, from here.

Nice double wall glassware from Bodum, spotted here.

These look a bit like an award for outstanding performance, called Bric, from here.

Anything with a Fornasetti image looks good to me. These spotted by katy elliott

Aw, just look at that sweet stack o’ glass. From the always just so, Moss of NY, here.

The above 4 coloured glass cups were done by a Brazilian textile designer named Patricia Miranda. Spotted here. Her blog is here: Patricia Miranda.

InsideOut glasses for your bubbly, another from Dutch designer alissia-melka-teichroew (AMT) Double-walled glass keeps your champagne cold for much longer. Worth having something to celebrate, I’d say. Seen here

I’ll give the last glassful to our local designers, Molo. Now that’s a stylin’ martini.