It seems to be a good time to be a musician–and a music lover. Any given night, in almost any town, there seem to be lots of opportunities to play the songs and plenty of congenial places to hear them. Lots of bands put up posters to let us know they are playing and where and when to find them. Gig posters.

AVFTT Brothers?  Just one vowel between them?

Former Ghosts. 9 bucks. Current ghosts? Priceless.

Above 3, and more, from here.

Nice.  The design is by Concepcion Studios

Above by Designer Marcus Lundquist

Above designed by Mr. White. Hot water music is heard in Belgium. But they travel, so keep an eye out.

The Black Keys, from Akron Ohio, doing well.  Nice design by Ben Chlapek.

Beach House in Pittsburgh. Sounds unexpected.  Design by Strawberryluna

This band I’ve actually seen and heard (on TV, not in Chicago). Lots of energy.  Nifty design by Spike Press

I like everything about this, the band’s name, the poster (design by Fugscreens Studios). I hope they sound good.

Above 7 from the amazing Go here, go often. Among the many things to like, they credit the designers.

Above 4 are the work of California based Jason Munn who calls his studio Small Stakes. Seen here

This is very nice, and very tall, for The Thievery Corporation, seen here

Above is for a band is called Ratatat. Seen here

A lovely one by a designer named Justin David Cox. More at his website

Indie music and indie design, it’s a great time to play, to listen, and to look at music.