Kites are the official plaything of the Republic of Less. They are simple in materials and structure, they can be beautiful, most people can make one and fly one–yet you can also work hard and become a kite-making and/or kite-flying master. They are joyful and bring instant smiles to people of all ages in every part of the world. Not many things you can say that about. Enjoy.

Nice fish kite over Los Angeles somewhere

Insect kite somewhere over Germany

Kites on the beach in Miami

Long Beach Washington, Annual Kite Festival

Kites aloft in Austin Texas, a big kite flying locale.

Weifang Festival, from here.

More Weifang.

Red and white stripes on a puffy donut shaped kite.

Nice rolling tire kites at the beach. But kites can be an athletic as well as an aesthetic experience.

Above is a kite surfing race, seen here. Video below from the same site.

For me the simple sweet kite like that above is best, the ones most like a floating cloud or a jelly fish or a giant flower set free from its earthbound stem. Lovely, from here

Of course, you need to watch out for the kite bandit

Above from here.

There are kite festivals all over the world. Find yourself one, or two. You won’t be disappointed. There’s one coming up in Swift Current Saskatchewan in 8 days. There will be “celebrity kite flyers”!!