This is a Poster for the still unnerving Alfred Hitchcock movie THE BIRDS (no design credit). From a list of beautiful movie posters at Smashing Magazine

2001: a Space Odyssey, just one of the unforgettable films of Stanley Kubrick, was promoted with several posters. This image eventually replaced the standard space imagery the distributors had used. From another list of notable movie posters at Premiere

The above poster for 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs, designed by the ad agency Dazu, also on the Premiere list of movie posters.

Sometimes, other countries produce their own versions of posters for American films. The Poles, a nation of great poster artists, like to do this.

Blow Up, above, in Poland.

The Great Escape, above, from Warsaw.

Around the World in 80 Days, Polish style. All the above Polish posters from here.

The countries beyond America have their own films of course.

France makes a lot of fine movies and fine posters. It is the birthplace of the one and only, Jacques Tati, one of my all time personal favourite film makers. This seen here

And Italy also makes memorable movies. From Italy with love is Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. The poste is by Italian artist Giorgio Olivetti, from here for eg

Above, a another poster from the sweet life in Italy, from here.

Russian movies can be very surprising, and Andrei Tarkovsky’s is highly regarded. This poster for Tarkovsy’s Stalker is by Belgian artist, illustrator, painter and sculptor Jean-Michel Folon. From here.

But, let’s head back to Hollywood.

I never understood why Hollywood robots always go for the pretty girl. I’d have thought they’d go a pinball machine or a bus. This from the Premiere list.

Downhill Racer is a stylish movie about winter sports. Really. Also on the Premiere list.

Above, Woody Allen’s Manhattan. Big city love and loss in black and white.

And here is Fargo. Small town mayhem, one stitch at a time. Above two and lots more here–

No one should judge a movie by its poster alone, of course. But the best posters are not only great posters, they capture something fundamental about the movie. On that score, nothing I’ve seen lately from movieland lately can top this from TV land.