Here comes the weekend, time to park the car and get out on the street. I hope your street has some street performers, like the above who were hired by Lancaster University for a special science/art event called Metamorphosis. See here.

Look what they had on the street in Tokyo: Eye heads. From the BBC here (click 3)

These “mysterious street performers” have outfitted themselves as horses…with a baby buggy. Can’t wait to see what they do. From here.

There are streets in Lithuania too, and street performers, in white. Things. Here.

Some street performers stand out from the crowd by trying something new. Like being invisible. This guy, or at least his clothes, can be found here

And then he, or a relative, showed up here, this time only visible to kids.

This man from Germany is suspended or hovering or levitating above the street. It’s a trick, and a very good one . Seen here.

These street performers squeeze into the doorway of a house in Rouen, France, as part of Austrian artist Willi Dorner’s Bodies in Urban Places project. Seen here.

But most street performers follow the trails blazed by others and give the crowd what they expect. Like a fire eater seen here.

Or these well balanced acrobats seen here.

Spain seems to have all the classic forms of street performance, with a few creative fluorishes. This “statue”, sitting, is from here.

Still in Spain, this man serves up his head for lunch. From here.

Street performers have to sleep too. Might as well make it a performance–this in Barcelona, which seems to have become THE street stage for people who want to take theatre to the streets. Found here.

Street performance is as old as the streets. This photo was taken in Paris in 1948 by a young Richard Avedon. See it here.

Still, I think we may be living in the golden age of street performance. Maybe due to tough economic times forcing creative people on to the pavement. Above is SWOON! 4 daredevil Australians telling a story of love, loss, joy and freedom up on high flexible poles. See here

So make sure you get out and support the performing artists. They’re as close as a street near you . Above seen here.