Who doesn’t wish they could draw? I think it’s just about a universal desire, but as with writing, all of us can do it, and very very few can do it so well it makes you shiver. Above charcoal drawing by the great Kathe Kollwitz of herself.

Watteau just drives you crazy with what he did with a piece of chalk.

And Georges Seurat too. This is his Mom.

Picasso was a demon and an angel in everything he did, including drawing.

I was in love with drawing. So I got this book and thought it would turn me into a someone who could draw–not like an angel, but well enough for people to say “Nice, keep it up.” (Pencil Drawing for Fun)

But it was pretty much hopeless. It was better to just look and love the great ones.

Degas above

Ingres above.

Holbein, above.

Egon Schiele

Antonio Lopez Garcia.

Drawing is unforgiving. There is no way to hide a moment of weakness or loss of courage. It seems almost impossible to do it as well as these artists have. They are the angels of the art world.