Above is Ibirapuera Auditorium in a park (of the same name) in Sao Paulo, designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950’s and built 50 years later. Fortunately, this is an architect who has taken good care of himself, and he lived long enough to see it completed and opened. He is still with us, at the age of 102.

Mr Niemeyer’s master work, Brasilia, also seems to be aging well. Sure looks good from here.

The view from this side is also pretty nifty.

And this was the first building completed in the new city, the Presidential Palace known as Alvorada. It’s hard to believe this is all real and not still a dream in Oscar’s mind. Some of the above from here.

This is a theatre known as Popular Theatre of Niteroi, also known as Popular Theater Oscar Niemeyer, and located in the city of Niteroi , Rio de Janeiro. It was inaugurated in 2007 when the architect was in his 100th year

Photo by Giuseppe Bizzarri seen here. There is a gallery of more photos there as well

And you’ll get lots of info and pics at this site by an admiring Brazilian.

Above is a house he designed for himself, which was built in 1953. It broke a lot of rules at the time, but by now it just looks like the classic it is. The world has caught up to Mr Niemeyer after all these years. Well, not quite.

Above is the inside the 1953 Niemeyer house (at Canoas, Rio de Janeiro). The nice pictures of the house from here. And you can see more images of his houses at this site. Or much better, go find the book below.

We have the above book in our house. The houses are breath giving as well as breath taking. Everyone should have this book.

Mr Niemeyer has influenced lots of people, probably millions since so much of his work is so public. Of the architects he has influenced, one, a fellow Brazilian, is producing some of the most beautiful houses of today. This is a house called C16H14O3 designed by Marcio Kogan, another Brazilian.

More of Mr Kogan’s work at his website and at this appreciative post.

But back to the master before we go, and back to Brasilia.

Lovely photo of Itamaraty Palace, Brazilia by Oscar devotee photographer Leonardo Finotti. He has recorded most of Niemeyer’s buildings in Brazil on his photoblog

Above otherworldly image of Brasilia from here

The man with so many buildings to his credit and so many of then both unique and beautiful prefers not to talk about his work and his profession. Perhaps that keeps him, and his work, young:

When I talk about architecture, I feel like changing the subject. I’m interested in problems of life and the human being. Quoted here.

What needs to be said?