So far we’ve covered a couple of the basics of working life here at the Republic–PENCILS and DESKS and CHAIRS. The truth is, a lot of us have to take our work from one place to another, sometimes. And for that, you need some kind of a carrying case.

This would get your stuff from A to B in style. It’s a G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcase, designed by Nikola Knezevic, cost over $3000. Seen here.

This above is an award winner–IF Concept Award, design 2008–by Alexandros Stasinopoulos. He calls it a BRIEFCeramicASE. Seen at daily icon, here.

This is a messenger bag called bjx north south. Nice–and noticeable too.

This one is a Gola laptop messenger bag. From Finland.

And this is the Nunzia Milan messenger bag. Mmm. The 3 above can be found at a cool carrying bag place called kolobags.

Jack Spade makes nice carrying bags too, like the above.

So does Mandarina Duck the neat company based in Bologna Italy

If your work involves espionage or the transport of dead sea scrolls, the above is the carrying case for you. Made by Rimowa.

But if you just need a laptop case:

Mactruck. See gizmodo.

Zorp Robot Laptop sleeve.

Proporta Laptop sleeve. Above 3 from here.

I like these 2 a lot. From here.

Ok, it’s hard to choose. But except for the Bally briefcase that cost more than a heart transplant, I think I’m in love with THIS:

It is the work of one Bill Amberg. I would have to do something wonderful if my stuff was carried around in that, wouldn’t I? My my.

If you’re still looking you can check out the review by GQ magazine here.

How you carry may not be as important as what you carry. But still, it is worth thinking about.