For those of you who think you might be having a summer vacation (it should be a LAW), here are some travel posters to help you choose a destination, or two.

Above image, and the next few from the collection of the Los Angeles Public Library, god bless ’em. Above and below by Designer/illustrator Roger Broders 1883 – 1953.

Lac d’Annecy) is a lake in Haute-Savoie in Rhône-Alpes region of France. It is the second largest lake in France and known today to be very very clean. And pretty.

Poster by Constant-Duval. When is the last time you thought: we should visit Belgian seaside resorts? Maybe the time has come.

Or head to the exotic far east, well actually far WEST from my town. Great poster by Munetsugu Satomi (1900 – 1995) also in the LAPL collection

Betcha never went to Turku Abo, Finland. Poster c1966- Design by Marti Mykkanen

Rainbow poster for EL AL Israel Airlines – Design by Dan Reisinger. Nice

LEFT Maybe a holiday in south west England would suit you (Travel Royal Blue 1950’s – Design & illustration by Daphne Padden) or try the Great Canadian North but you’ll need to fine another airline: PWA had a good long flight, but is no more.

Hunting in Poland c1961 – Design by Wiktor Gorka. The Poles make great posters.

So do the Finns. Print for Finnair c1958 – Design by Erik Bruun.

Above 6 all from the fabulous grain edit

Or, just get on a big boat, at night, and let it take you where it will. This poster by Hubert Herkomer, another fine travel poster from Los Angeles Public Library , see here for more

And wherever you get to, don’t forget to drop us a line at the R of L.  It’s the next best thing to being there, right?