Friday is the diving board for jumping into the weekend. Time to look ahead to some time off and some serious unwinding, maybe. And for that, you just can’t beat a day at the beach.

Above is Exmouth Resort in Western Australia, a 1 hour 45 minute flight from Perth. And about a day and a half flight from my house. Damn.

This is closer and and more like something real, though these colours are quite unreal.

Above is a photo of Kitsilano Beach in my home town, Vancouver, via the City of Vancouver website, actual colours not exactly as shown. Photo credit City of Vancouver, from here.

THIS, above, is our own Kits Beach, normal colours, thanks to a post at moblog

If you can find a beach near you, and a spot on it, you want to settle in, and you need some food to last the day.

Above picnic at the beach at Lambert’s Cove, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Nice photo by George Howard from here (it’s from an archived post at and doesn’t always connect)

I mentioned in a previous post (Snacks) about the book Portable Feasts, and it has lots of tips for stuff you can take to the beach. Or you could try this.

A picnic on the beach of Nha Trang, Vietnam. From some travelers, posted here.

You might want to try that. There is no shortage of advice to be found about how to DO a picnic at the beach properly. But don’t let it keep you from just getting up and going. Take some bread, some wine, some cheese, maybe mustard, fruit, Que Pasa Blue corn chips, and a beach book, maybe.

This is a nice, simple French portable picnic, for the beach or a train ride. From here.

But if you want to do it up big, I can recommend the clambake.

Pic above from here

Or, if you are only going to do this once, then this might be the set up.

I think the above was for a wedding, although it might have been a town council meeting at a very lucky town.

But it’s not just about eating, right. A day at the beach is also about…watching other people at the beach.

A very health conscious couple. Photo from here.

Nine sisters, guarding the ocean. Photo here.

And a whole family, with all the right stuff and looking great. From here.

Hey, there’s Picasso at the beach. Great photo by Robert Capa.

You notice the most interesting things at the beach happen in black and white.. Choose your beach accordingly.

But all that matters, is that you go, if you possibly can, just go. To the beach.