A lot of us have a desk job. I got to wondering about the perfect desk. What would it be?

Office interior, above, 1954, Seagram Building, New York. View, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Esto Photographics. Photo: Ezra Stoller. pic from MOMA see here

For a long time, I was stuck on the idea of working in a place like the above. Not sure whether the man himself designed that simple table/desk, but I presume he approved it. A similar one was designed in Denmark about the same time.

Above Professor Desk designed by Poul Kjaerholm 1955. See here. Still available for about the cost of a small car.

Here’s a more recent design on the same simple table-top-on-4-legs theme. From Italy.

It’s called the Miro Executive Desk from Flex Ufficio in Italy Product image from here

I do like the simplicity of those, but I’m thinking I’d like something more desky. And besides, the three above are desks for people who need to face the room, so they can keep an eye on the door–Executives, school counselors, private eyes. But I can do, and probably should do, with a desk pushed up against the wall.

Mmm, called Ursuline, designed by Pierre Paulin.

Also nice, called Villa Rose, designed by Francois Azambour

And this, called Split, designed by Meike Russler. All 3 above produced by Ligne Roset. Spotted at the nice blog, the beat that made my heart skip, see here

This is quite desky, isn’t it? By Dare Studio seen here

So is this Danish flip flop designed by Peter Løvig Nielsen. Seen at the wonderful Mid Century Modernist

So there’s no shortage of things to like. I figured I would get advice from someone who needed a good desk for his work. Like Saul Steinberg. What was his desk like?

Photo by Inge Morath. Hmm looks pretty much like a slab of wood on saw horses.

Those of us of lesser gifts need a bit more help I think. I came across this in a house by Frank Lloyd Wright.

That little corner appeals to me a lot. FLW designed a built-in desk in the corner of the room–the kids‘ room. Known as the Leighey house, image from here

And that reminded me of my all-time dream workplace, the room in the house Luis Barragan designed that serves symbolically as the head office republic of less. My perfect desk needs to go here.

There’s already a table that could serve for the time being (maybe forever). But surely there is a perfect desk for this perfect room. Surely

Maybe this.

Cavour Desk by Carlo Mollino, 1949, still available from Zanotta. Seen here for eg. My my my.

I’ve seen lots of wonderful desks, but I haven’t seen the perfect desk for the perfect room. Not yet. And even though I know I may never find it, and even if I did, it might not help me do what I do any better at all, I’m going to keep on looking. Sometimes you just have to. Hey look at this:

De la espada Atlantico Parallel Desk. Go here.

But look at this from France, designed in 1930.

Desk designed by Jean Michel Frank in 1930. For me??? Seen here. But what’s that over there………………..?

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