Our local amusement park, called Playland, opened up a few weeks ago and will offer thrills to kids of all ages until school starts in the September. Which got me thinking about wooden horses.

Above 1922 carousel restored in Brooklyn NY looking for permanent, public home.  Image from here.

Turns out, you can get a wooden horsey of your own, for $15,500, see here.

Or how about a mule from here. ($16,000 !)

Or a chicken made in 1902.

Or this wily kangaroo. He’s French. Above chicken and kangaroo (and lots of horses, and an elephant) from carousel world

Getting back outside to the good old Merry Go Round where these animals live and work, it’s always a treat to come upon a carousel in a park.

Above in Bryant Park, Manhattan, photo by me 2007. Great ridable white rabbit, great city park. A nice article about the man who designed this, from the NYT

Not all that far from Bryant Park, due south, in Brooklyn, NY, by the sea, is the mother of all amusement parks, Coney Island.

Take a chance. Everybody wins a prize. Image above and story from here

The food on the Midway is always bad, in an interesting way. Image from here

Don’t forget to take home a souvenir. This is the Official Coney Island Steeplechase Man, made by Mad Geppetto. Price on request. Go here to inquire

I hope you have a good old merry go round near you. And an amusement park too, one that hasn’t lost all its goofy, tawdry charm. They aren’t quite what they used to be, but nothing much is. So go and see what you find.

A new weird ride, for example. Image from here

Or the WORLD”S SMALLEST HORSE , Smaller than a Dog, ALIVE, not wooden, never ridden, very well cared for, and the star of a traveling sideshow, maybe coming to a playland near you. Image here.

Get out of the house and be amazed.