I like snapshots, photos of what is right there, just as it is, no rehearsal, no props, no choreography. especially street scenes, signs, and storefronts. And when they are taken by someone with a pure, bulls-eye gift for seeing what’s worth looking at, I can look a long long time, over and over.

American Walker Evans was maybe the best ever at this kind of thing. He caught these guys above having lunch as they spotted something amazing in the street. Image from here.

Walker Evans snapped this determined woman looking ready to do whatever it takes, finally. Image from here.

Real sign, real sign movers, caught for real on the street by Walker Evans. Image from here. More on Walker Evans here and here.

My town has been favoured with some great photographers ever since it became a town. Fred Herzog has been shooting the streets here for more than 50 years.

The foot of Main, 1968. Fred Herzog from here.

A bookstore on Main, 1963. Fred Herzog, from here

A young guy and his favourite store, 1959. Fred Herzog from here.

Our town’s first slim steel skyscraper in the distance, books, beauty, and radio repair up close, 1960. Fred Herzog, from here. More images from his gallery shown here.

One of the other top street shooters was Garry Winograd.

Above photo by Garry Winograd, title and and date unknown (by me).Image from here.

Photo by Garry Winograd, above, couple in a car, from here

Wig shop, taken by a great photographer of the street from England, Nigel Henderson. Not many images online. This one here.

Helen Levitt was amazing. This photo of hers from here

Above photo, also Helen Levitt , image from here

Above twins on Fifth Ave NY by Louis Faurer, less well known (by me) but I like what he did. Image from here

Last shot to Garry Winograd, 1959 on Park Ave NY, one of the best known streets in the world. Even monkeys know it, apparently. Image from here.