The highly detailed doll house is by designer Elaine Shaw. Her 3-foot, 3-story home model is called Clearview. See it here.

Henry Colbert is the designer and builder of this 1930’s Art Deco house for small moderns. Henry was born north of London, and in 1997, he retired and decided to build doll houses modeled after the houses he loved most. There have been no shortage of takers. See here.

Kathy Osborn is an illustrator (covers of the New Yorker for e.g.) and designer who has made this wondrous mini house in the Bauhaus mode. Kind of. See kitchen here.

Danish designers who call their company Minimii have taken on the modern doll house in a serious way. This is a scale version of the house that renowned Danish designer Arne Jacobsen designed for himself. The mini version will be, they hope, for sale soon. Found at if its hip its here. More pics and info there.

Interior of model of Arne Jacobsen House 1928

Above, the original full-sized house in Charlottenlund near Copenhagen Denmark

Above is Design-Comm’s my modern mini house.

Kaleidoscope doll house, seen here.

Paris Renfroe prefab doll house from weburbanist.

Villa Sibi doll house via here for e.g.

All of the 4 above featured here

Finally, a paper house, and a true classic, Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier in papier, available as a kit from here.